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Realizing the potential of chatbots and language models

The talk is aimed at management and employees from companies and organizations who want inspiration on how to create value with chatbots and language models.

Get inspired by real-world examples where using language models has driven innovation, efficiency and profitability – from streamlining internal processes to improving customer experiences.

There is a lot of hype about AI. The term itself is misleading, because we are nowhere near creating an actual artificial intelligence. However, this does not change the fact that AI and language models offer enormous opportunities for innovation and growth in virtually all industries and companies.

Learn how to think of AI as a tangible tool that can be strategically integrated into the business and ensure a competitive advantage in the future.

MARTIN ÅGERUP is co-founder and CEO of Popoulos Analytics. He is a former director of the bourgeois think tank CEPOS. He is chairman of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and a member of the boards of the Berlingske Foundation and the Johan Schrøder Foundation.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Economic History from the University of Bristol and an MA in Economics from the University of Exeter.

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